Comprehensive in-house design ensures that all underfloor heating systems meet all prevailing regulations and best practice in accordance with BS EN1264, providing clients with the reassurance that all systems operate at maximum efficiency whilst maintaining optimum comfort levels.

Project specific design considerations include:

  • Heat source temperature
  • Design heat load
  • Design temperature
  • Available floor area
  • Room floor covering thermal profile
  • Thermal insulation layer performance

Design Calculations

The development of project specific, design calculations using in-house bespoke modelling software, provides full heat load and system output detail which form the basis of system design, including:

  • Overall system summary
  • Manifold size and dimensions
  • Manifold flow rate
  • System pressure drops
  • Pipe loop length
  • Pipe spacing
  • System thermal output

CAD Design Drawings & Descriptions

System design is translated to full CAD layout drawings as standard (with BIM Level 2 capabilities if required), fully annotated with all pertinent system design and installation detail. Providing all information required for on-site installation.

As built drawings and product data sheets are also provided for inclusion in end user building handbook for reference and maintenance purposes.