Rapid fit installation method with no requirement for wet trades, widely used for upper level and retrofit applications with levelled substrate of minimum surface regularity SR1 or SR2.

Pre-grooved insulation panels are laid directly onto levelled substrate (above acoustic, vapour or damp control layers if required) and Compact PE-RT Underfloor pipe is inserted directly into the preformed grooves and radius returns as per design drawings with no additional pipe fixings required. Floor structure is completed with the application of a layer of dry screed floorboards suitable for all floor finishes. Where less deflection is required, higher density insulation and/ or higher density and thickness of the floorboard to be considered.

Insulation panels are available in two main types:

Foil-faced Insulation Tray – High density EPS or XPS insulation panels with a preformed grooved pattern including radius returns and connection runs suitable 16mm pipe allow a clean fast install.

UFH Insulation Tray with Spreader Plates – High density EPS or XPS insulation panels with a preformed grooved pattern including radius returns, aluminium spreader plates insert into the grooves to carry pipe and distribute heat evenly. The higher heat transfer rate of the plates permits higher outputs at lower system temperatures making it very effective solution for heat pump application.

Compact Underfloor Heating components and other layers, subject to design, includes:

  • High density gypsum fibre panels of 1200 kg/m³ or 1500 kg/m³, with conductivity up to 0.44 W/mK and minimum thickness 18mm.
  • Compact PE-RT pipe.
  • Pre-grooved EPS or XPS insulation with minimum 150kPa compressive strength at 10%
  • Acoustic insulation layer between floors, of acoustic foam, Rubber or Wood Fibre panels
  • Additional insulation layer on ground floor
  • Levelled substrate of minimum surface regularity SR1 or SR2Alternative Substrates: Beam & Block with levelling compound, timber or metal deck

Key Features:

  • Profile as low as 53 mm (18 mm floorboard, 30 mm insulation, 5 mm resilient layer) plus leveller if required.
  • Lightweight with saving on dead loads up to 125kg/m² versus screed floor
  • Fast thermal response time due to low thermal mass
  • Rapid fit requiring no wet trades or curing period.
  • Minimal site logistics Required.
  • Sustainable with no water usage, minimal wastage and reduced cement content.