DEVIcomfort 100T/150T and DEVImat 200T

The thin heating mat is designed for installation in a thin tile adhesive layer, self-leveling mixture or alike. The standard minimum thickness of the floor layer is 5-8mm while the thickness of mats is 3-4.5mm.

It allows minimizing the floor level increase. Thin heating mats consist of a thin cable fixed on self-adhesive glass-fiber mesh usually of 50cm width. Thin heating cables are serial twin or single conductor resistive cables. Thin heating mats are manufactured as ready made heating sections with a specific area including a power supply cable and hermetically sealed connections.

Center-to-center distance between mat’s cable lines is usually 7.5cm. It allows even distribution of heat on the floor surface avoiding cold zones between the cable lines. Thermal output 100, 150 or 200W/m².

Compact E-UFH components and other layers subject to design will be:

  • Self levelling compound and/or tile adhesive
  • 3-4.5mm heating mats for E-UFH
  • Thermal insulation as foiled PIR, EPS or XPS
  • In preparation for certain screeds, a polythene sheet/membrane may be required over the insulation prior to fixing the mesh (for seperating floor) acoustic resilient layer as High Density 5/10mm, Rubber 3/6mm or Wood Fibre 10mm + Edge Strip
  • In-situ concrete slab, pre-cast concrete planks or beam & block structural floor

Key Features:

  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Rapid installation
  • No plumbing works required
  • Low profile with 5-8mm total installed depth
  • Suitable for retrofit
  • Highly cost effective
  • Quick reaction times