Tailored installation method for use with uneven substrate with no requirement for wet trades, widely used for raised floors and retrofit applications with uneven or variable/stepped substrate levels.

Adjustable steel pedestals to meet PSA and BS EN requirements with mid support heads to raise the UFH element are spaced in grid form at regular intervals and adjusted to create a level on which PGR acoustic pads ready for floorboards. Fully Supported, pre-grooved insulation panels manufactured according to pedestal grid are laid on mid support heads between pedestals at 600 mm centres, raised against the underside of the structural floorboards with no air gaps. Panels are manufactured according to pedestals grid and are fully supported to facilitate installation and Compact PE-RT Underfloor pipe is inserted directly into the preformed grooves and radius returns as per design drawings with no additional pipe fixings required. Floor structure is completed with the application of a layer of dry screed floorboards suitable for all floor finishes. Where less deflection is required, higher density insulation and/ or higher density and thickness of the floorboard to be considered.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for commercial and residential application
  • Cost-effective and versatile in high-rise buildings, fulfils high-end requirements
  • Suitable for uneven and variable/stepped SSL levels, from 65 mm to over 600 mm void height
  • Lightweight, saving on dead loads up to 100kg/m³ versus alternatives.
  • No requirement for high compressive strength insulation
  • Pipework fitted tight to floorboards, ensuring a more efficient system
  • Part E acoustic performance compliant
  • Suitable solutions for controlled deflection and high loading performances
  • Fast thermal response time due to low thermal mass
  • High thermal output
  • Rapid fit requiring no wet trades or curing period.
  • Minimal site logistics Required.
  • Sustainable with no water usage, minimal wastage and reduced cement content.