Cost effective installation method with high thermal efficency, widely used for conventional screed floor applications.

Clips and rail fixings are used in conjunction to ensure a consistent pipe installation that resists movement when screeds are laid or poured. Clip rail lengths of 1 m are easily installed and joined to form longer lengths which are thumb clipped to standard type floor insulation, permitting a fast install with consistent pipe spacings. PE-RT pipe is then laid and clipped into the rail with additional fixing by pipe staples along pipe runs and at pipe curves where stress is greatest to ensure pipe remains fixed during screed pour.

Compact Underfloor Heating in Screed, subject to design, includes:

  • Screed Layer comprising semi-dry or flowing liquid screed.
  • Compact PE-RT pipe with associated clip Rail and staple fixings.
  • Edge Strip around perimeter of area to be screeded.
  • Polythene membrane above insulation if required for certain screed types.
  • Thermal insulation layer of foiled PIR, EPS or XPS insulation panels.
  • Acoustic resilient layer if specified of acoustic foam, Rubber or Wood Fibre panels.
  • Concrete structural sub-floor.

Key Features:

  • High thermal output
  • Established and widely used build up.
  • Works with most insulation types
  • High tolerate of unlevel substrates
  • Facilitates rapid UFH Installation
  • Cost-effective installation