Heating Cable

DEVIflex™ 10T / 18T in screed Underfloor Heating Cable comprises a 6.9mm twin conductor with cold tail, manufactured and approved in accordance with the latest version of IEC 60800:2009, with class M2 mechanical strength.

Cable is installed as ready-to-install heating elements of specific length with a power supply cable and hermitically closed connections. Thermal output of heating cables for installation in floor constructions is limited to 20W/m.

Cables are installed on top of foil faced insulation panels at centres of 100mm, 125mm or 150mm, depending on thermal output required and secured with fixing strips, ready to be included in semi-dry or liquid screed.

Heating Mats

DEVIcomfort™ 100T / 150 T and DEVImat™ 200T Electric Underfloor Heating Mats comprise a self-adhesive glass-fiber mesh usually of 500 mm width and 3 mm – 4.5 mm depth, with thin serial twin or single conductor resistive heating cables fixed at 75 mm centres to provide even heat distribution across the floor surface.

Electric Underfloor Heating Mats are manufactured as ready-made heating sections of a specific area including a power supply cable and hermetically sealed connections with thermal output 100 W/m², 150 W/m². or 200 W/m².

The thin Electric Underfloor Heating Mat is designed for installation in a thin layer of tile adhesive, self-levelling mixture or similar, allowing for a total floor build-up of as little as 5 mm – 8 mm.